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Where can I add value?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Here are the 5 areas as a start for us to potentially work together on:

Life coaching: whether it is a challenge that you want to overcome, a goal that you want to achieve or a dream that you have been longing for, I can help you deepen your learning about yourself & forward your actions to unlock your full potential and drive personal transformation to achieve them

Executive coaching: similar to life coaching, but the focus is on leadership coaching

Team coaching & development: bring me a challenge that your team is facing or an audacious goal that your team is going after and via consultation, let me design a holistic strategy & comprehensive plan to help you achieve it

Impactful & scalable sales enablement strategy consultation: With my extensive sales experiences, strong learning background & effective coaching capability, I can help grow your team’s capabilities in driving direct business impact

Power skills (I prefer to use this term instead of soft skills) training: I have the full list of various trainings that I can deliver or I am also more than happy to help deliver and facilitate your own internal training programs Let’s chat more to see how we can partner together.

I can be reached via email at or WhatsApp at +81 80 2259 2747

May you be safe, happy & healthy.

Lots of love,


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