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10 facts about me

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Hello there,

Welcome to my page! In case we haven’t met, hello and I hope to meet you soon (hopefully in person!).

There must be a reason you are here. Whatever your reason is, congratulations on taking the first step towards your personal growth.

I am not sure what you heard about me and what I do, so I put together 10 facts for you to know me better:

  • I spent the last 10+ years in tech sales & sales enablement at Google & Meta

  • Prior to joining Google I worked in advertising & marketing communications for 10+ years.

  • I also have 10+ years of experience in learning, facilitating & training in various organization and as a freelancer.

  • I was voted one of the Top 10 facilitators at Google worldwide

  • I was the best internal coach (career guru) at Google APAC (based on the feedback score)

  • I won the “Most Googley person” award in Google Singapore (in my first year joining Google)

  • I created the first in the world integrated sales enablement strategy at Meta APAC and it became the global best practices for the rest of the world to adapt

  • I am a faculty of ‘Co-Active Training Institute’ (CTI), the largest and most established professional coach training organization in the world

  • I was a major contributor in learning & development and career development for Women@ & Pride@ groups at both Google & Meta

  • I have worked in 5 countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom & Japan where I currently live)

If these facts intrigued you and if you think I can help you, let's connect and see how I can partner together!

I can be reached via email at or WhatsApp at +81 80 2259 2747

I look forward to connecting with you.

May you be safe, happy & healthy.

Lots of love,


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