Keep working on love

Few months ago, October 2017 to be exact after coming back from my 3rd Leadership retreat, I was so keen on learning more about pr…

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A friend emailed me this yesterday. So beautiful, so timely, so lovely. I feel loved or am I in love? Never regret love. No matter how blind, it improved your vision. No matter how foolish, it made you wiser. And no matter how generous, it made you more. Love needs no reason. Just love and […]

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28 vs. 34

Create Your Own Map

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What’s your favorite color? If we check out your wardrobe now, does your favorite color have the most space there? Or some o…

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Happy Monday

On the way back to my desk from breakfast, a Googler greeted me from the other end of the hallway and he could clearly see on my f…

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1740 minutes in Manila

2.46 – 6.50: 3 hrs 4 mins flight time, shall I count this as part of my Manila or Bangkok trip, guess it’s Manila as I…

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Size doesn’t really matter

Well, the title of this post really catches your attention, doesn’t it? Before letting your imagination run wild, take a dee…

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48 hours (& counting) without GoogleMaps

People who know me understand how I can’t function properly without GoogleMaps. I’m among very few men on earth who ca…

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Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

According to this definition, I’ll be super duper happy then. Travel = happiness. Simple, isn’t it?

How about you? What’s your level of happiness? Are you enjoying the journey or your eyes always fixating on the destination? Can we just enjoy the journey without knowing where the destination is? Do you know where you are going to? Does destination matter?

I guess you need a healthy balance of both, journey and destination. It’s important to have a destination (goal) in mind but if you forget to enjoy the journey (self compassion, gratitude, etc.), the destination will seem quite far away and pretty exhausting to get there. We do need sometimes a break in the journey just to recognize how far we have traveled, what we have learned, some quiet time to recharge, a pat on our back or some laugh just to cheer us up and remind ourselves not to take life too seriously. At the same time, we need to have an idea where we are heading to and willing to be flexible to change our destination if needed. We might decide to change the destination after a break or realize that it’s no longer your desire destination. 

In my case, I was supposed to just post a photo (destination) and get ready to take my flight to KL but while waiting for the plane (literally, aka the “journey”), I decided to make this a full post instead. You can see how flexible I am with changing my destination here :). I guess I am just enjoying the journey and see how it interacts with my destination. The key thing is that I am happy throughout the trip. 

Ok, my plane​ is here but the crew is not. I guess I’ll have a bit more time to enjoy the journey then, maybe there will be another post, maybe not. 

I’ll let my heart decide that.

What does your heart say now?

Foosball Love

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