Calm the f*** down

On the way to the airport early this morning, a car behind us honked at us for being 0.5 second late to move when the green light signaled. Immediately it prompted me to say “Calm the f*** down!”. This very moment made me realize as much as I said this to that rude dude, I also got triggered and that line was for me too! I indeed needed to calm down.

An hour later, while queuing for check-in, I witnessed a couple’s quarrel. Actually it was more about the husband complaining about the luggages that his wife brought than anything else. And he repeatedly said “don’t worry! Just calm down!” in a stressful tone to his wife.

Here’s the aha moment for me. I saw myself in him in several occasions in life. It made me understand that every time I said “calm down” or its equivalence (and level of rudeness depending on my stress level) to someone, it’s more for me than anyone else.

Time to learn how to “calm the f*** down” than just saying it. Doing is indeed way harder than just saying and it’s worth the effort practicing.

Will you call me out every time I say “calm the f*** down”? Will you calm me down?


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