Be kind

I made an effort to wake up at 5.50 am today for yoga class. Yes, it’s 5.50am in case you didn’t notice. I am very proud of this, given the fact that I forgot setting the alarm and never have I got up at this time except for those early morning flights.

The yoga teacher reminded us to be kind during the practice this morning. What a beautiful advice! Be kind to ourselves first and foremost and to others.

We all know how to be kind to others, I assume. How about being kind to ourselves? What does that mean? Are you kind to yourself? Do you know how to do that?

To me, waking up early for yoga is one way to be kind to myself. It was challenging, I sweated a lot and that’s how I treat my body with respect and care. I also got a chance to clear my mind and train it to be more focused. And the energy I received and gave out during the session was so pure & positive.

As you can see, being kind to ourselves is quite simple and starts with little things in life. It’s also a holistic approach, involving our body, mind & spirit.

So listen to your body, mind & spirit, what do they tell you? Which part of yours that needs the most love? Then give it handsomely.

For once you are kind to yourselves, you can truly embark on the journey to spread love & kindness to people around you!

Bon voyage, my friends!

Wrap yourself with love & kindness


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