2 weeks

2 weeks. 14 days. 336 hours. 20160 seconds.

3 subscribers (yay). 36 interviewees (0 rejections).

164 Instagram Followers. 1287 Facebook Followers.

551 website visits. 150$ advertising budget.

And tons of learnings.

Here are the top 3 learnings for me in the first 2 weeks of my quest. More to come as Our Love Quest grows.

  1. Do not take anything personal: I launched Our Love Quest with all my passion & energy & money. I have been working really hard for it. I believe in it with conviction. I truly love it with all my passion. As a result, I expected all my friends and family to share the love for it like mine. Well, it’s not entirely the case to be honest. My best friends laughed at my launch video in my face. One of my closest friends told me that she would never sign up for it. The other colleague says it’s too cheesy for her. Every 100 invites to visit my website & FB page, I got 3 – 5 new visitors. I can go on and I trust you get the point here. I learned that while this quest might mean the world to me, it might not be relevant at all to my loved ones. And it’s ok. Do not take anything personal. Maybe later, my friends and family will understand and relate to it. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just not for them. I must not let these affect the progress of my quest while being open to constructive feedbacks at the same time. These feedback will help make my quest stronger.
  2. There’s no shortcut to success: I used to daydream that after I launch Our Love Quest, the next day, Google Analytics will show that there are 1 millions visits to my websites and tons of responses of people from all over the world wanting to contribute to the website. I guess they call it “dream” for a reason.  There’s no such thing called “overnight success”. I believe it’s called “overnight work”instead. I need to work hard and extra hard for it and I will get there at some point.
  3. Be present: When I am present, the universe is open up to me. I have noticed so many different things about love around me. I have been following my urge to share about my projects with strangers and the responses have been so overwhelmingly positive. People either share with me their stories and advices about love or just give me feedback to make my quest stronger. The energy has been full of love, support and connections. And time just really flies when I am present. It’s flowing effortlessly.

Bonus: Celebrate small wins: It can be quite easy for me to feel demotivated and disappointed because my quest is not growing as fast as my dream. I keep having to remind myself to celebrate small successes, whether it’s a new visitor to the site or an email from a subscriber sharing their appreciation for this project. These celebrations are so critical because they keep me going and going, further and further with my quest. They are like the must needed wind for my quest to soar higher in the sky of love.

If you are already here, might as well pay a visit to ourlovequest.com and let me know how you feel about it? Remember, I do not take anything personal 🙂 Thank you my friends!


4 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. Hi Vu,
    As you say it’s overnight work, not overnight success. These are mostly myths. You can have an overnight succes though, but it can only happen by all the hard work which preceded it.
    So go on, one subscriber, Like and post at a time, step by step and before you know it, you will have gathered your tribe, maybe a small one but still a tribe.

  2. Hi Vu,
    Thanks for sharing your learnings. It is so helpful to me- your sharing keeps me grounded and positive. The same has happened to me with my quest— indeed “overnight work”, celebrate the small wins, do not take anything personal —because it not! —and be present.
    I would also add another one: THE WORSE FEEDBACK IS OUR BEST LEARNING—let consider the worse critics our best friends! I think it takes them huge courage (our friends) to provide us with honest amd hard-to-take feedback.
    And they find that courage in their love for us. We should be grateful and open to it and super POF!
    Act out and own our quest is such an amazing way to practice all we have been learnings so far—insn’it amazing! Much love, Roberta

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