Is 35 the new 20?

Here are the 10 random thoughts on turning 35 & birthdays in general to celebrate my new age:

  1. I want to say that 35 is the new 20 but I can’t. In fact, I don’t want to. 35 is 35, deal with it. Yup, that’s my age. I just turned 35 about 2 weeks ago and surprise surprise, nothing changes. I guess the only difference is that from now onwards I am officially belong to another age group in all the forms.Other than that, I am still me.
  2. Actually, the road to 35 was challenging. I kept telling people that I was still 34 because my birthday was only in October. Clearly I had some issues facing the new age. Now I am ok though. Who doesn’t get old right? 35 is a good age (Repeat until I believe it).
  3. My mom told me that turning 35 is very important, even more important than reaching 30. I should have asked the reason behind it but I guess I will just trust her on this and feel important about my age.
  4. I am terrible with birthdays. I hardly remember anyone’s birthday, except my parents’ and my sister’s. I rarely wish anyone on their birthday because (#excuses, maybe!) I don’t find it personal at all to write on someone’s wall with “Happy birthday” message.
  5. I know this will contradict with the one I just wrote. It was really wonderful to receive wishes on my birthday, especially from people whom I haven’t been in touch for a long time, especially when the message is beyond “Happy birthday”. Thank you everyone! I feel loved.
  6. The 2 birthdays that I will never forget – My 30th birthday when my ex surprised me with all my friends showing up unexpectedly and my 33rd birthday when I just broke up, all the close friends took turn to take me out for celebrations. You know who you are guys and gals and you know that you are loved too, right?
  7. I love to have a small birthday celebration, the smaller the better (this is totally opposite with my training style, the bigger the class, the better!). And I did it this year. A cozy dinner for 2. Quality over quantity. Life is too short so spend it only with people who matter in our life.
  8. I realized that a lot of things I wrote above are quite contradicting with each other. And it’s ok. We always have a choice to choose whichever is right and kind. Choose wisely.
  9. I went to a Chinese temple to pray on the birthday weekend. I got a number (like a fortune cookie) and in the message, Buddha reminded me to do good deeds. Don’t just ask for good luck, work for it. What a timely reminder!
  10. You really love me! You read all the way here, despite of the randomness! For this, here is my gift for you. You are among the very first ones experiencing my personal project/passion/purpose/quest in life. Please go here and let me know what you think. Love you heaps!
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