10 minutes = 40 minutes + more

Yesterday, I left home at 8 am because the place where I ran the workshop is quite far from my home. I reached the venue at 9 am sharp. It was just in time and technically it was not as I had to queue for the lift and I only got to the meeting room at 9.10 am. I was slightly rushing and hungry (no time for breakfast).

Today, I decided to wake up early to have time for breakfast and left home at 7.50 am instead. I reached the venue at 8.20 am. The queue was very short and I got to the workshop at 8.30 am. I was the first one. I got time to review my content and enjoyed the view from the 13th floor too.

I can’t help wondering the difference between 2 days is just 10 minutes and the outcome is really drastic. Just because I left home 10 minutes earlier, I ended up gaining 40 more minutes not to mention a very relaxed mind and happy stomach.

In math, this doesn’t make sense at all. 10 minutes is not equal to 40 minutes.

In life, it does though. 10 minutes earlier is the learning you get from the previous experience, the extra mile you go to deliver and the constant drive you have to better yourself everyday. It is also the sunrise you get to enjoy, the run that you keep telling yourself you will do tomorrow and the good morning to someone you think of first thing in the morning.

I will wake up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow. How about you?

Early morning @ KL


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