Honesty & Hard-working

Recently my flatmate and I have a helper coming every Sunday to my home to help with all the cleaning. I finally got to meet her yesterday. She’s a middle-aged lady from the Philippines. She has been in Singapore for 12 years now.

She only works for us for few hours and she earns based on the number of hours. When she finished her work last Sunday, I asked her how much I needed to give her. I was expecting her to say the magical number 50$ and she didn’t. She told me that her hourly rate is 15$. I paid her for 3 hours and immediately she said “Sir, I owed you as I only worked for less than 3 hours”.

Her response made me feel that we found the right helper for her honesty. She just asks for what she deserves and not even a single cent more than that. Honesty is really a best policy as at the end she gets more than what she’s supposed to get.

And not just that, during the time she was with us, she never stopped working. She didn’t try to laze around, chit chat so that it could cross the mark of 3, 4 hours. She just worked really hard and I can feel the vast difference when walking on my bare feet in the house.

Honesty is great and it’s unbeatable when hard-working partners with it. They both like the 2 hands joining together to make a loud clap. A clap to recognize and distinguish the awesome and outstanding worker versus the rest.

If you get to choose between honesty and hard working, which one will you choose to be?

I hope you didn’t try to answer it as it’s a trick question.

You need both. It takes 2 hands to clap.

Let’s clap wholeheartedly and still clap when no one is watching 🙂


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