Happy Monday

On the way back to my desk from breakfast, a Googler greeted me from the other end of the hallway and he could clearly see on my f…

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Chatting with a friend from overseas and we were discussing about how I like living in Singapore. I gave him quite a few reasons. …

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5 days 2 cities (Shanghai & Beijing) 62 Googlers 21 offices 15 countries 1 big family where love & inclusion are so huge t…

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Be Proactive

2 weeks ago, while I was waiting in the office lobby for my Uber to send me to the airport, a young lady suddenly asked me “…

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No money, no worries

We usually hear people saying “No money, no honey” and laugh at this sad joke/fact. But how about “no money, no …

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Keep in touch

A friend from Taiwan whom I haven’t kept in touch for a while sent me a video on WhatsApp. I was a bit scared and didn&#8217…

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1740 minutes in Manila

2.46 – 6.50: 3 hrs 4 mins flight time, shall I count this as part of my Manila or Bangkok trip, guess it’s Manila as I…

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Kindness (or a lack of)

On my flight to Manila today, I saw a family with a disabled daughter asking the flight attendant to move her to the front row of …

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Customer Service

Here is my 2 cents for 2 things to avoid saying when you work in customer service. “You must…” – while there might be some exceptions out there, it’s never a good thing to tell your customer using the word “must”. It sounds bossy and talking down to whom you supposed to treat as queens […]

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