Follow Your Passion

Pecha Kucha – Follow Your Passion My very first talk at Pecha Kucha Singapore, and I was also the first speaker. What a nerve-wracking experience where I had 20 slides x 20 second/slide to share about my passion. I learned so much from this experience and from all the talented fellow speakers. You guys should […]

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Thanksgiving in Jan

It was supposed to be a board games night to celebrate one of our friends’ birthday. It turned out to be the best gathering where instead of playing board games, we shared what we liked and appreciated the most from each other. The energy was so awesomely positive and extremely contagious. It’s wonderful to hear […]

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Feeling hopeful and optimistic

What a day! Back to back meetings with 2 trainings in between and end the day with another coaching session. Got so inspired and happy to have a chance to coach a bunch of awesome Vietnamese youth on presentation skill. They are all so talented and confident and they really make me so optimistic and […]

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I had a last minute, unexpected, mini coaching session yesterday with a friend. Her feedback was gold. In a few words, she managed to encapsulate the idea and power of coaching so neatly. It’s always great to be appreciated but this one really takes it to a whole new level of gratefulness. Thank you for all […]

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I went to watch a play yesterday with my parents. It was kinda spontaneous, last minute decision and it was quite entertaining I have to say. It was a horror and comedy play which they did turn off the light occasionally to create suspense. I was thinking if I were there with my significant other, […]

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Leave room for serendipity

When it comes to hang out with strangers, I can get quite introvert. I tend to turn down lots of invite to events where I don’t know anyone. The thought of having to make small talks sometimes does terrify me. I’d rather spend time talking to friends because we can talk about literally anything without having […]

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