Here is the story I overheard at my dinner table last night. Colleague A (Japanese, grew up in LA): In LA, people drive like 150 mph! Colleague B (Indian, recently became Singaporean): In Singapore, you are not allowed to reach 150 mph. Colleague A: Why is that? Colleague B: Because if you drive 150 mph, […]

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Life is better with a dog

Thing I learned today: Life is better with a dog. I guess our lives are best then as we have 2 dogs 🙂 Everyone, meet Bambi & W…

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When can we eat breakfast?

This photo was taken this morning when I was sitting on the sofa (or the remnant of its I would say). Bambi just jumped on the sof…

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SG Haze – Part 3 (Stories)

Haze, haze & haze, that was pretty much we discussed over the weekend in Singapore and below are the 3 more interesting haze stories I heard: Imagine this. On Fri (when the PSI hit 400 at noon), a very attractive woman (ok, hard to say as she wore the mask) walked out of the building […]

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SG Haze – Part 2

Same angle. Same vantage point. Same effect (no filter). Different PSI. Different (worse) haze. Fingers crossed for a cleaner and …

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Formal Attire

Definition of “Formal Attire” Formal Attire = No Slutty Outfits Can’t agree more. Thanks for the laugh, Mi 🙂

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Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits with raisins vs. plenty other scrumptious desserts choices at the lunch buffet yesterday. Butter biscuits won. The…

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Instant Karma

Last night, on the way to our dinner, I almost got hit by a reckless driver who reversed his car without even bothering checking t…

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Look how the sun romances all the building in the city. Everything just looks more splendid and more grand under the afternoon lig…

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