Okie, just to be clear, this post does not refer to backpacking as a means of overseas travel (even though it’s one of my fa…

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People asked me if I would be vegetarian on Vesak’s Day since it was one of the most important days in a year for Buddhists….

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I took yesterday morning when I was on the rooftop playing with Wrinkles and Bambi. It was very windy and the sky kept screaming w…

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How are you?

Thing I learned today (from Lenny Ravich’s talk at our office) How are you? Now is the best moment of my life as there will be no moment like this anymore. (Lenny Ravich) That’ll be my answer from now on whenever people ask me how I am doing! So very powerful! Ask me NOW!

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Could you just stay at home and play with me please?

This was the scene when we were about to go out this morning. It was the first time Bambi, our 2nd dog, did something like this wh…

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We have the metal orange squeezer in the office so that we can enjoy fresh orange juice every morning. The machine never fails to …

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